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What If There Is One Common Problem For All Our Health Issues?

So many people are now suffering from chronic health issues today.  It's at epidemic proportions.  And it is affecting us from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet, literally.  Our brain, our eyes, our skin, our breathing, our joints, our stomach and I could go on and on.  Personally, I was plagued with sinusitis and asthma for 40 years and I took a ton of medications just so that I could breathe. After all those years of medication, I begin to suffer from weight gain and joint pain. I had accepted this way of life as my normal, as good of a quality of life as I would ever have outside of a miracle considering the gene cards I'd been dealt.

That's what I thought until July 4, 2017 which is the day my health was revolutionized.  It's the day all of the diseases that had plagued me for 43 years started fading.  By January 2018 all my symptoms of chronic disease and inflammation (sinusitis, asthma, and joint pain) had dissapeared.  What!  Yes, and they haven't come back.  

Most of what you will find on the interwebs about Keto and Intermittent Fasting is about weight lost and that's why I started as well, but the combination of these two things is more powerful that just weight lost.  It has the power to heal and reverse chronic life threatening diseases. 

I've created a system called The  Accelerate Protocol which takes you through the exact process I went through to reverse all those diseases in me and get back to my ideal weight.  This system combines Keto and Intermittent Fasting in a way that eliminates the inflammation that causes us to feel unwell.


I have a free training that will answer your questions about Keto and Intermittent Fasting and the one problem that most of us struggle to get under control.  Click the button to learn more.  

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Better cognition, improved mood, fewer 



Clearer Skin


Healthier respiratory 



Lower cardio vascular

disease risk


Less visceral belly fat


Stronger connective tissue

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When I first started with Keto, a list of the best foods to help get into Ketosis was invaluable.  This list will get you moving in the right direction and make sure you stay in the Keto game as a major player.  

Subscribe today and get your free copy of great keto foods laid out in our Acceptable Keto Food List to put you in an optimal fat burning state.

When I first started with Keto, a list of the best foods to help get into Ketosis was invaluable.  This list will get you moving in the right direction and make sure you stay in the Keto game as a major player.  

Get your free copy of great keto foods to put you in an optimal fat burning state.

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I listened to your advice and upped my fat and I've already lost 7 lbs



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Hi, I'm Daniel

I reversed all symptoms of sinususitis, asthma and joint pain and got my six pack back using Keto and Intermittent Fasting.

I started this community to help friends and family who watched me transform my body and my health using intermittent fasting, the Keto way of eating and resistance training. 

I found intermittent fasting (IF) and Keto as an experiment to try something that would get rid of belly fat. After 40, it started happening to me...My abs started disappearing and no matter how much time I put in at the gym or what I ate, they wouldn’t come back. It had happened to all the engineers that I knew and it had happened to all the married men I knew. Something had to be done and so I did it. I added IF and 3 months later, my abs showed up again. I added Keto after that as a way to double down and have never looked back.

Now, here is the real kicker and why I’m the most passionate about all this. I’ve dealt with Sinusitis and Asthma my whole life. I can’t remember a time in life where I’ve not been plagued by these two. Spent countless hours drugged up with Benadryl, Sudafed, Claritin, Flonase, Nasacort, Prednisone, Albuterol, Antibiotics. Asthma is nothing to play with and I was tied to all these drugs all my life and been rushed to urgent cares and hospital emergency rooms so many times. It’s just how I lived my life, until now. Since IF and Keto with proper supplementation, I haven’t had to take a single drug for sinus or asthma and that was almost 2 years ago. For someone who has never been able to breathe out of both nostrils at the same time, it is just mind blowing and freeing.

I've now spent hundreds of hours combing through and processing online medical journals, watching online videos by experts on all sides of the table and consulting with friends and family onilne and offline to get them results.

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