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Could Keto or Carnivore Heal Depression?

On Episode 409 of the Paleo Solution Podcast Robb interviews guest Amber O’Hearn, a data scientist by profession who grew up vegetarian and later in life started tinkering with low carb and keto for weight loss. Through further research she finally landed on a carnivore diet and has been veggie free since 2009. Since then, she has been able to get the weight under control and reversed all her symptoms of depression as well. .

I find this subject fascinating because my own story is one of passion around healing chronic inflammation which is shown in some studies to be linked to depression. Here is a good article related to the link between inflammation and depression by Dr. Kelly Brogan, MD with a link to studies. I've used Keto and Intermittent fasting to heal chronic inflammation in my respiratory system and joints and we know that Keto was used in the 1920's as a therapy for the brain disorder epilepsy. Could Keto and/or Carnivore diets be a viable answer to depression? Amber's case is the second N=1 case that I've become aware of in the last couple of years.

Another case is Carrie Brown's who travels the world telling her story of how Keto has been the reason she has been able to live bipolar free without medication for years now after attempting to take her life before finding the diet. I first heard about her story here on Episdode 164 of the Ketovangelist podcast. She also shared iher story at Ketocon 2018. Watch below and share these stories.

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