The Accelerate Protocol Plans



Week #1: Your Mindset: Let's Get Our Mind Right to Set a Solid Foundation For Your Long-term Success

Highlights . . .

  • Finding Your Why

  • Clearing Out Emotional Baggage

  • The Purpose of Food

  • We Will Complete Intake Forms (Measurements, Pantry, Refrigerator Intakes)

  • Quick Start (What You Can Do Now)

Week #2: Myth Busters: Understanding What Keto Is and What It Is Not

Highlights . . .

  • Why Fat and Cholesterol Are Demonized

  • Why Fat Is Crucial To Your Well-being

  • What's Up With Salt

  • Doesn't Fasting Slow Down Your Metabolism?

Week #3: The Food: Remember High Fat Low Carb

Highlights . . .

  • All Fat Ain't Good Fat

  • Approved Keto Food List (Eat This Not That)

  • Ah Nuts (A special mention on nuts and seeds)

  • What Are Macros?

Week #4: The Setup: Design a plan to enable success

Highlights . . .

  • What's In Your Pantry?

  • The “accountability factor” and why it’s crucial to share with the group

  • Food and Boundaries (Learning the consequences of what we put in our mouths)

  • Sleep, Environment, Exercise, Diet (S.E.E.D): You Need All Four

Week #5: Electrolytes: They Are Not Optional

Highlights . . .

  • What is Magnesium and Why Is It Important?

  • What is Sodium and ...

  • What is Potassium and ...

  • Tight Pants Test #2

Week #6: Fill Up: Eat Until Full

Highlights . . .

  • Feast When You Feast

  • What is a hunger hormone?

  • What is a full hormone?

Week #7: Tools of The Trade: Pee Sticks, Keto Meters and More

Highlights . . .

  • How to use Keto Sticks

  • What Is A Keto Meter?

  • Your Next Steps

Week #8: Keto and IF: The Dynamic Duo Advantage

Highlights . . .

  • Why Keto and IF speed things up a bit

Week #9: Long Term Keto: Can I Do Keto Long Term?

Highlights . . .

  • Benefits of Long Term Keto

  • Downsides of Long Term Keto

  • Tight Pants Test #3

Week #10: Long Term Fasting: Can I Do IF Long Term?

Highlights . . .

  • Benefits of Long Term Intermittent Fasting

  • Downsides of Long Term Intermittent Fasting

  • How long you should fast for the best results

Week #11: Social: Navigating Social Pressures

Highlights . . .

  • What to do for events and parties

  • Eating out is easier than you think

Week #12: Beyond Weight Loss: Healing, Strength and Longevity

Highlights . . .

  • Reverse disease in every part of your body

  • Habits of Mind

  • The Stacking Protocol: Adding Exercise (Heavy Compound Weight Lifting, Walking, HIIT)